Friday, March 20, 2009

violence in my youth

I was a bully.
I punched a girl in her face
For just five dollars.

Went back to my seat,
Acted asleep. She was the
Bus driver's daughter.

Stabbed with a pencil,
Annoying kid yelled, "Teacher!"
They left. I high-fived.

He just stared blankly
After I bashed his face in.
I did it again.

Pushed against a bench,
I had no more choice in it.
"Them's is fightin' words."

The toss ended quick.
After that? Funny story.
Carpooled to ATOSS.

Gave me an orange.
I threw it and it hit him
In his testicles.

We're still fighting now,
Though not directly. Rather,
When I see him- SMACK!

No more fights since then.
Much anger, no violence.
Need a new hobby.

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