Monday, March 16, 2009

on roleplaying

This ain't what you think.
No weird outfits here. Although,
I do like spankings.

Tabletop RPGs.
I play D&D the most.
Other games are good too.

Do you want to play?
Roll up a character, friend.
I'll kill him for you.

These are some people
That I have been. See patterns?
They're all psychopaths.

Paranoid android.
He conquers to protect man.
His name is Iggy.

Ovan and Loki.
Father and cycloptic son.
Only one's a bear.

The perfect being:
Apparently some nanites.
"Hi! I'm GammaMax!"

Zaalbaar the Wookie.
His commercial sounds like this:
*strange growling noises*

Osgival the Elf.
He solo'd a pit fiend once.
Now he hunts the Abyss.

Hanging at gallows.
"But Krom the Misunderstood
Just wanted cabbage." :(

A halfling who always shouts
In a high-pitched voice.

Lars the half-giant.
A nice guy, before anger.
Then he will rape you.

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